Harbor City Capital Corp. Reviews and Testimonials

Harbor City Capital is a global alternative asset investment group that reviews ways to build, buy, and monetize digital media assets.  Here you will find information on Harbor City Capital and informative reviews from investors who have chosen Harbor City Capital as their vehicle of investment.

Founded in 2013

Harbor City Capital was founded in 2013 by JP Maroney, an American entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist with more than two decades of experience starting, building, buying, and selling companies. Maroney started Harbor City Capital as a way for investors to get the results they want through a term he coined ‘digital marketing arbitrage.’ 

Meet JP Maroney here: 

Solution-Oriented Results

The team at Harbor City Capital produces results for clients and investors through solution-focused strategies.  Harbor City Capital excels at finding online leads and generating new buyers for businesses at a cheaper cost than the companies are willing to pay for those leads. Through a strategy called Digital Marketing Arbitrage, money spent on advertising is an investment that has the potential to deliver a return when the lead is either sold to a prearranged buyer or monetized through internet-based promotions.  For example, the investor spends “X” on digital advertising, gets paid “Y” for the lead, and collects “Z” as the profit or ROI.  

Pillars of Profit

JP Maroney says that there is potential sales revenue sitting right under your nose.  He explains the “3 Pillars of Profit” in the following audio clip.

Maroney says there are 3 ways to improve your ROI: 

#1 Get more clients.  
#2 Increase the size of the transaction.  
#3 Increase the number of transactions.  

Harbor City Capital Reviews from Satisfied Investors

These investors share what led them to participate in Harbor City Capital.

Peter Smith's Harbor City Capital Review:

"I needed to supercharge my investment returns to meet my expectations in retirement. Harbor City was the logical choice."

"18% annual rate of return - WOW! Every month like clockwork I receive a direct deposit into my personal bank account. It doesn’t get any better than this!"

Yvonne E’s  Harbor City Capital Review:

"Above average monthly returns on our investment with Harbor City Capital..."

"My husband was just about to retire and we were having to come to terms with the reduction of our income from his retirement savings. We setup our account and transferred monies into a Gas & Oil in addition to investing into Harbor City Capital. It has now been 16 months and we lost the investment we made into the Gas & Oil, but we have been receiving above average monthly returns on our investment with Harbor City Capital. If it wasn't for having this opportunity our financial situation would be very dire."

Vincent M’s Harbor City Capital Review:

"The money just shows up like clockwork..."

"The main challenge today is being able to get a fair return on your money. With the stock market you really don't know what's happening. I had previously lost a lot of money in other programs. Once I talked with and connected with you it just felt right. The money just shows up like clockwork, and that eased my anxiety. This is an investment opportunity where you get to control your destiny."

Here, marketing professional Mary describes why she decided to participate with Harbor City Capital:

​​​​Harbor City Capital Reviews Latest Investment Opportunities

Harbor City Capital is scaling it’s campaign funding capacity by issuing $5 Million in secured 1-year bonds that pay 1% each month in current income to bond holders with full return of principal at maturity. Harbor City Capital says this cash-backed secured bank instrument provides investors a safe way to earn 12% annual yield with current income. 

Read more about the HCCF- 4 Bond here: